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Jean Monnet Chairs ad personam from the European Commission are reserved for distinguished University professors with a high- level teaching and publication record in the field of European integration (achieved, at least in part, outside their country of residence) and/or with a distinguished background as former high-level practitioners in the field of European integration.

In 2009 the Commission granted a Jean Monnet Chair ad personam in EU Legal Studies to Prof. Gregorio Garzón Clariana, Professor of Public International Law of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and formerly the Jurisconsult of the European Parliament.


Active in the field of European studies since the foundation of the Revista de Instituciones Europeas in the 70’s, Professor Garzón Clariana served twenty years as a high-level European official before going back to the UAB, where he is currently teaching EU law in the Faculty of Law and in the Official Master Studies on European Integration. more information


The work on the Project “Democracy and Law in the European Institutions” has been completed and financial support has ceased as foreseen.

The site of the Jean Monnet Chair, the contents of which are dated 1 June 20017, will remain open for consultation.




The project “Democracy and Law in the European Institutions”, financed by the European Commission and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona within the framework of the Jean Monnet Chair ad personam granted to Professor Garzón Clariana, contributes to a better understanding of the role of democracy in the decision-making processes of the European Institutions through a set of activities in University teaching, academic research and collective reflection

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